Magical Fairy
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Introducing The First Amazing Teelie Turner's Magical Fairy Book Club

Are you looking for a magical adventure that can be enjoyed any time of the year? The First Magical Fairy Book Club Has Arrived! Unlock your inner creativity and let your imagination soar with Teelie Turner’s Magical Fairy Book Club. Now you can embark on an extraordinary journey that will transport you to a world of magic–without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. 

For the first time ever, Teelie Turner’s Magical Fairy Book Club offers you the unique opportunity to join the Fairy Realm through 52 hand-selected books over the course of a year. Plus, with each book you’ll receive over 13 magical bonuses! Come join the journey now and make your dreams of enchantment come true!
Discover the Magical Bonuses awaiting you when you join TEELIE TURNER’S Magical Fairy Book Club. Unveil a world of enchantment and unlock exclusive perks and bonuses today!

Over 20 Magical Fairy Bonuses

Printable Coloring Page: Every week, members receive a printable coloring page featuring a scene or characters from the book to bring the story to life visually. (Yearly Value $155)

Receive a Digital Downloadable Book Award / Gold certificate with every book you read. (Yearly Value $119)

A sparkly magical digital awards tree to showcase all your digital downloadable book awards. Display your achievements in style and celebrate your reading journey! (Yearly Value $119)

Get a magical digital bookmark featuring the Star Fairy from the book - add a touch of fairy magic to your reading experience.
(Yearly Value $129)

Every fairy book has an accompanying audiobook! Listen to captivating narrations alongside your reading adventures and experience the magic through both words and sound! (Yearly Value $290)

With each book you read, you will get to download and hang on your wall your very own unique book award from the magical book you just read for all to see, to be reminded of your commitment to learning and adventure. It is like being the star in your own magical kingdom. (Yearly Value $103)

With each book you read, not only will you embark on a fantastical, once-in-a-lifetime adventure, but you will also get to download and hang on your wall your very own unique Book Cover from the magical book you just read; a visual reminder of your commitment to learning and going on grand journeys of fantasy and discovery. (Yearly Value $103)

You Will receive a weekly eBook that is going to take the entire family on a magical journey! Teelie Turner's eBooks are packed with original and exclusive stories, illustrations, and production that each cost over $250 to create. So, when you read one of her books, you know you're getting quality entertainment that's definitely going to take you on a magical adventure in Fairyland. (Yearly Value $13,000)

Experience the wonder and excitement as each trailer brings the story to life, as the star fairies in the magical books take you on a magical adventure by telling you about their books (yes our fairies talk) captivating your imagination and leaving you eager to dive into the pages. (FREE)

Enjoy A bonus of“Take A Peek Into The Magical Fairy Kingdom” featuring a beautiful showcase of the weekly enhancing ideas of what's new in the fairy kingdom. (Yearly Value $181)

Get ready to unlock a magical world where each book's star reveals a stunning selection of fairy products. And as a special member, you'll enjoy exclusive discounts! (10% Discount)

Receive An “Original Illustrated Greeting Card” exclusive for members only via email with an exclusive fairy gift, four times a year. The holidays that we will be celebrating with you are Valentine's Day, Christmas, Easter, and Fairy Gifting Day! (Yearly Value $250)

For another bonus, you can be the proud owner of a magical recipe from the fairy in the book of the week you are reading! Imagine all the different cuisines, flavors, and treats you can explore with this customized digital recipe. (Yearly Value $78)

Interactive Quizzes ~ On a Video a magical talking fairy (the star in the book) will ask you 5 questions and then they will give you the answers-what fun! (Yearly Value $124)

What Are The Advantages Of Joining
The Magical Fairy Book Club?

You Get To Read A Magical Teelie Turner Fairy Book Weekly

Encourages Reading:

The book club provides a platform that encourages children to read regularly, improving their literacy skills and expanding their imagination.

Foster's Imagination:

Fairy tales and magical stories spark creativity and help children develop their imaginative thinking.

Educational Value:

Fairy tales often contain valuable life lessons and moral values, promoting character development in children.

Improved Reading Skills:

Regular exposure to books and within a book club can enhance a child's vocabulary, comprehension, and overall reading proficiency.

Digital Interaction:

In the digital age, a virtual book club allows kids to engage with books in a tech-savvy and interactive way.

Expanded Literary Horizons:

Book clubs often expose children to genres and storylines that they might not have encountered otherwise, broadening their literary interests and knowledge.

Parent-Child Bonding:

Parents can read along with their children, leading to meaningful bonding moments and discussions about the stories.

Incentives for Reading:

Weekly bonuses provide an extra incentive for kids to read regularly and actively participate in club activities.

Here Are The First Month’s
Magical Fairy Books You Will Receive!

Total Savings For 52 Books yearly and over 20 Bonuses per Book
(yearly value $14,470)

.....but only

$9.95 per month

for a limited time only regular $14.98 a month

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$119 a year

Bonus ~ "The Magical Hole In The Wall Fairies" (A $10.98 Value)

Come Join The Fun! The Fairies Are Waiting For You!

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A sample of some of Teelie Turner’s Magical Fairy Book Club Books below!
New books are added weekly and they are all exclusive and original illustrations and stories.

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